Why We Don’t Want Free Labor and Neither Should You | Episode 049

Written by The Everbros
Published on May 5, 2023
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**Cold Open (What's the maximum number of days you can eat leftover pizza?)**

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Lately, we've been getting a lot of requests from listeners and people in groups asking if there is an opportunity to work for us for free so they can gain experience. Although the idea of free labor sounds appealing, it really isn't from our perspective, and in this episode, we'll tell you why.

When you hire someone, whether it's a paid position or an unpaid internship, you have to dedicate resources to get that person trained and up to speed. When someone wants to work for free to gain experience, it means they're not going to stick around for the long haul. Who would? They're not getting paid.

We take time to invest in our team. We do it because our team makes us stronger and better forever. When you hire someone, you can expect it to take a year before you get real value out of that team member — how long does someone really expect to work for free?

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  1. Nazish

    Really great episode. Learned a lot. Thank you!

    • Cody

      Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment!

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