When is it Necessary to Track Your Time (feat. Ilia Markov w/ Toggl) | Episode 060

Written by Jake Hundley
Published on July 20, 2023
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**Cold Open (How many alarms do each of us set to wake up?)**

**Skip the Cold Open at 4:14**

On this episode, Jake and Cody are joined by Toggl Marketing Director, Ilia Markov, discussing the importance of tracking time in your agency for reasons beyond simply billing.

We’ve talked about tracking time for various reasons in episode 4 (How to Price Your Agency Services) but most importantly in episode 19 (Understanding Your Internal Labor Rate Calculation is More Important Than Making Money) — however, in this episode, we dive deep into the not only why time tracking for multiple reasons is important in agencies, but also which tools you can use.

Ilia, Jake, and Cody discuss why time tracking is important for agencies as well as key features of various time tracking apps including Toggl.

Toward the end of the episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Toggl is much more than a time-tracking app
  • How time reporting is just as important as time tracking
  • How Toggl Track integrates with other project management tools like ClickUp
  • Toggl’s own project management tool, Toggl Plan
  • New Toggl features such as Toggl Hire

Additionally, for the next 3 months after this episode’s air date, Ilia has been gracious enough to give all Everbros Podcast listeners 20% off on annual plans for new members by using code “EVERBROS”!**

Head over to toggl.com to learn more about their products!

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**The Everbros Agency Growth Podcast does not receive any compensation for referrals to Toggl. This is strictly an offer Ilia wanted to offer to our listeners.


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