Top 7 Things Agency Owners Get Wrong | Episode 073

Written by The Everbros
Published on October 19, 2023
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**Cold Open (Handkerchiefs / The Everbros Lost Episodes / Vulgarity)

**Skip the Cold Open at 17:27**

We see a lot of rookie mistakes new agency owners are making that’s causing them to not get any sales or make it passed the $10k/mo mark.

At its core, it comes down to commitment to your expertise and your niche.

In this episode, we don’t just tell you what we think the mistakes are, we also talk about things you can do to prevent these from affecting you and your agency.

The 7 mistakes are:

  • Having no skills
  • Outsourcing
  • Not being an expert
  • Not doing research
  • Niche hopping
  • Start-up costs
  • No clear goal

Other mistakes we mention in this episode are:

  • Not subscribing to Stacked Marketer
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**This note is for Matt Diggity. I mentioned you in the podcast and made a bet you’d get a Google Alert on your own name. Your part is at 54:30**


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