There Is No Such Thing As Accurate SEO Metrics (ft. Tim Soulo w/ Ahrefs) | Episode 083

Written by Jake Hundley
Published on December 28, 2023
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Ahrefs has been in the SEO community chatter quite a bit since the pricing model change so we thought it’d be good to bring Tim Soulo himself on the podcast to talk a little bit about the reasoning behind that.

But we wanted to get more value out of the episode than that.

In this episode, Tim gives us some useful keyword research tips both using paid tools as well as free tools and sheds some light on the accuracy… or lack thereof… when it comes to the metrics that SEO tools spit out including how inaccurate Google’s owned tools’ metrics such as Search Console and Keyword Planner.

Tim uncovers how Ahrefs does keyword research for their own blog using “Business Potential” keywords and the downside of using Google’s free keyword tools.

Additionally, if you’re a longtime listener of the podcast, you know that Cody and Jake have been pretty anti-paid tools when it comes to SEO and SEO research. In this episode, hear Tim counter Cody and Jake’s argument on the idea that paid tools aren’t necessary for new agency owners.



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