The Importance of Online Security for Digital Agency Owners (ft. Jason Fragoso w/ Aura) | Episode 072

Written by The Everbros
Published on October 12, 2023
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This week’s episode comes to us a week after Jake talked about getting his Facebook account hacked and the implications that the hack had on the entire agency and our clients.

During the period of this hack, Jake decided to partner with Aura. After getting his Facebook account back and getting the agency back up and running on the Facebook side of things, we thought it would be good to make agency owners aware of how easily usernames, passwords, and personal information get out there and how common hacks and data leaks are.

What better way to do that than to bring Aura’s SVP of Growth to talk about online security and what agency owners can do to prevent hacks and data leaks that compromise their operations?

Jason Fragoso is the SVP of Growth at Aura, a rapidly growing AI-powered digital security company focused on keeping individuals and families safe online.

To connect with Jason, check out his LinkedIn page at:

Jake and Cody encourage you to sign up to Aura for a free 14-day trial* to see what and how much information of yours has been leaked and which of your usernames, emails, and passwords are compromised.

You can head over to* to support the podcast and get your free trial.

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