Paid Advertising Should be the Last Thing You Do | Episode 056

Written by The Everbros
Published on June 23, 2023
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**Cold Open (Bananas aren't that great for you… but also the optimal banana is around 30% brown)**

**Skip the Cold Open at 8:11**

We've been seeing a lot of businesses, not just agency owners, turning to paid ads in order to acquire clients in the early stages of their business. Although it can be a fast way to acquire clients, most businesses in the early stages don't have the courage or foresight to limit the number of clients they accept.

In Cody's words, they pour gasoline on a business that's already on fire.

We see it in our clients who pause marketing services because they can't handle the leads we're delivering and we see it in new agency owners trying to get their first clients but don't even know what their onboarding process actually looks like.

Congrats, you paid money to watch your business burn and stand in the middle of it.

In this episode, we give some practical advice when it comes to deciding to run paid ads as well as what some "budget neutral" alternatives are to acquiring clients for no cost as well as at a rate in which you can handle.

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