Our Book Recommendations for Marketing Agency Owners | Episode 061

Written by The Everbros
Published on July 27, 2023
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**Cold Open (Airport and flying tips and business travel)**

**Skip the Cold Open at 9:43**

We’ve wanted to talk about the books we’d recommend to other agency owners for a while now so we decided to put together a pretty comprehensive list of those.

Jake went deep. Cody provided his top 3-4 books.

Here’s a link to each book and article we recommended:

Jake’s Recommendations to the Listener

Books Cody Recommended to Jake but Jake Still Hasn’t Read Yet

Cody’s Recommendations to the Listener

Honorable Mentions

  • Never Split the Difference (Chris Voss)
  • This wasn’t mentioned in the episode but Cody has brought this up to Jake on numerous occasions regarding negotiating with clients and vendors — written by an actual FBI hostage negotiator.
  • Stacked Marketer (Newsletter)
  • We’ve mentioned this before but if you want to stay up to date on all things digital marketing, this is the #1 newsletter we both recommend. We unsubscribed to all other marketing newsletters and only subscribe to this one.

Do you have any book recommendations for us? Tell us at everbrospodcast.com!


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