How to Sell Your Agency for Big Money (ft. David Tobin w/ TobinLeff M&A Advisors) | Episode 076

Written by Jake Hundley
Published on November 9, 2023
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**Cold Open (Cody brings up NVIDIA article / When is chasing money no longer worth it?)

**Skip to Cold Open at 8:07**

We’re joined by David Tobin of TobinLeff M&A Advisors to discuss what agencies need to consider when thinking about selling their business.

Jake mentions how he sees a lot of small agency owners (freelancers) looking to sell their “agency” in groups. We ask David very pointed questions on whether it’s even feasible to sell an agency that only consists of one person and a client list as well as what things businesses look for when acquiring an agency.

Some questions David answers are:

  • How can you tell how much an agency is worth?
  • What kind of multiples can agencies sell for?
  • What can agencies do now to sell for more?
  • Why do people buy agencies and who is buying?
  • What are things you need to know about your agency before you sell it?
  • What questions are buyers asking?
  • What’s a realistic revenue number an agency should be at before selling?

TobinLeff M&A Advisors is a team of advisors that helps business owners plan and facilitate exiting their business or acquiring other businesses through mergers and acquisitions. They’ll not only facilitate the transition but also advise on your business now for a future acquisition or merger.

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