How to Go From Freelancer to Agency | Episode 089

Written by The Everbros
Published on February 8, 2024
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**Cold Open (Russell Brunson Punches a Kid?)**

**Skip the Cold Open at 11:06**

A lot of agencies out there seem to still be charging things in a manner that isn’t really conducive to a scalable model. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that the agency’s owner is still stuck in a freelancer mindset.

In this episode, we really dive into what it takes to get out of the freelancer mindset and start charging prices and packaging your services correctly so you’re not putting too much work into the services you’re selling based on what you’re selling them for.

We also make sure to cover how freelancers can start charging prices accordingly to set themselves up for correct and fair agency prices, even as a solo operator.

If you’re charging $20/hr then just get a job. If you’re charging $2,000/hr… who do you think you are?


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  1. Jared L.

    Watched the Brunson video. I’ve got a background in sports and martial arts. It looked like Brunson saw something that the ref didn’t and reacted quickly to prevent injury.

    The rear naked choke itself, appeared to be misaligned for a moment, which could crush one’s throat.

    If you see the video, the ref is moving slow and has to climb down to try and see what is going on. By the time he gets there Brunson is already in action.

    Even when he does take action, he doesn’t come in swinging. He executes a tap on the kids arm, letting him know to release. It’s only when he doesn’t release, that things go really sideways.

    When someone taps out, if you don’t stop right away, it’s a HUGE deal. People get seriously injured over it.

    Doesn’t mean you should get hit in the head over it, but clearly the kid on top was in a trance.

    As for impact, clearly him being booted from wrestling will likely suffice on that front.

    The parents of the kid who got hit also have a claim for suit. That will likely happen, and should. With Jake on that one.

    As for the rest of his life and business going under, I’m with Cody. I could see a 20% decline but losing everything is crazy for under 3 seconds of poor judgement.

    • Jake Hundley

      Oh yeah, wait until you hear the cold open to episode 90. We talk about the new angle that changes EVERYTHING.

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