Are You Following Up With Your Client Leads? | Episode 085

Written by Jake Hundley
Published on January 11, 2024
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**Cold Open (Jake and Cody talk about their Hubspot automation)**

**Skip the Cold Open at 7:08**

There are many different lead generation agency models out there. On one hand, an agency can only be responsible for delivering leads. Another lead gen agency may also follow up with those leads for the client to make sure they close.

We address why we don’t like lead gen models in which it’s the agency’s responsibility to follow up with the leads.

We also explain common objections to the idea of only supplying the leads and leaving the follow-ups and closing to the client such as:

  • Knowing the close rate of the platforms you’re driving leads on.
  • Knowing your client’s average close rates.
  • Setting the right expectations

Jake also explains that if you follow up and close leads for your client, you’re taking a foot out of the marketing agency space and putting another in the “consulting and sales” space.



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