Agency Advice from Real Agency Owners

Informal, yet regular discussions on how we’ve scaled and what we’d do differently

Who We Are

The Everbros are formed by Jake and Cody — the owners of Evergrow Marketing, a digital agency that specializes in SEO and paid ads for landscaping businesses.

We met while working at another agency that specialized in the automotive industry. Jake was a day-to-day contact for clients while Cody managed PPC campaigns with Google and Bing ads.

In January 2019, we partnered up and started from square one with Evergrow. Working completely remotely and as a side hustle to our main jobs, once we hit our $250k revenue trajectory, we decided to start a podcast talking about our journey to get there.

It’s only just beginning.

Listen to our podcast and follow along with us as we continue to scale our agency and learn from mistakes we’ve made as well as some shortcuts that can help get you there faster.

Jake and Cody from the Everbros Podcast on a Boat

The Blog

Stay tuned for our blog. It’s here where we plan to add shorter-form content that might only focus on a specific section of a podcast episode or maybe something that doesn’t quite have a place in the podcast, yet still relates to agency growth

The Podcast

This is why you’re here. If you want to feel like you’re in the same room as two other guys who are in the middle of scaling their agency and aren’t going to pretend like everything they do is perfect, then this podcast is for you.

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